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About Vinnie
His Pedigree
His Achievements  > His Progeny

handsome boy Vinnie

Vinnies Achievements

North of the Harbour Winter Classics 1998

Following in his fathers paw prints Vinnie has achieved many great wins in the show ring.

BABY IN SHOW in his first four outings exceeded our greatest expectations.
Winning RESERVE CHALLENGE at the SYDNEY ROYAL from PUPPY CLASS then going on to get PUPPY OF THE DAY was just the start of even bigger and better things to come.
RUNNER UP to BEST IN SHOW at the Asian Breeds show in Sydney from Puppy Class was another notable win.

Due to work commitments and health problems of my own, many of Vinnie's greatest wins were accomplished whilst being handled by his greatest fan and good friend, Trudy (often referred to as "udder mudda"). Shown here accepting JUNIOR IN SHOW, Vinnie began the day by taking BOB then RUBIG at the Winter Classic's at St Ives from Junior class against some very tough competition under International Judges.

At 17 months of Age, Vinnie achieved BEST IN SHOW at the Akita Specialty Show from an entry of over 50 Akitas. This win gave Vinnie his title of Australian Champion. He also won RUNNER UP TO BEST IN SHOW at the Akita Specialty Show the following year at the same venue.
Also winning various other BIG and RUBIG, Vinnie has won many CLASSES IN SHOW too numerous to mention here.

A very sweet and lovable fellow he certainly is a pleasure to live with.

His progeny is now also following in the paw prints of their forefathers and continuing to make us very proud.