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Autoimmune Disease
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Akita Teeth

Sonny and Ollie - both are healthy Akitas

Medical Oddities

SENSITIVITY TO DRUGS should be of concern to every Akita owner. Many Akitas die each year from over-sedation of tranquillising drugs and anaesthesia. Your vet should be made aware of this BEFORE he proceeds to sedate your Akita. Severe reactions to these drugs may be related to a liver metabolic defect commonly found in Akitas, which means the liver is unable to detoxify the drug. This liver dysfunction, believed to be an autoimmune condition, is similar to chronic active hepatitis and may also be linked to autoimmune thyroid disease.

BLOOD ODDITY Some Akitas have unusually small red blood cells (microcytosis) and some have red blood cells have been found to have high potassium content, whereas most other canines have low potassium content. While not linked to any disease it can cause problems during routine blood tests if you vet is not familiar with this peculiarity. The presence of microcytosis has not been identified with any physical problem, though in general it is associated with certain anaemia’s.