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Breed Info

These Breed Information pages have kindly been put together by Trudy Van Gestel.


All describe the Akita perfectly. With undeniable good looks
the Akita has won many hearts worldwide.   However...


also words which have been used to describe this breed. So ...
What makes an Akita stand out from the rest? Is an Akita right for you?

This web site has been created to help those interested in the breed to learn about the breed before purchase. Our short but enlightened experiences with this breed will answer many questions you may have regarding this fascinating yet controversial type of dog THE JAPANESE AKITA So please continue and enjoy...

The breed pages have been designed to help those interested in owning an Akita learn about the breed BEFORE purchasing that puppy or older dog. Here we point out important issues regarding the Akita and tell it as it is. Most topics are discussed including Akita Breed Information, Akita History, Akita Health Issues and the Akita Standard. Important information on Akitas & Children and (should it ever become necessary) helpful tips and information on how to re-home your Akita successfully.