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Autoimmune Disease
Eye Problems
Bone and Joints
Medical Oddities
Akita Teeth

Sonny and Ollie - both are healthy Akitas

Akita Health

The health articles certainly werenít written to deter anyone from purchasing an Akita but to better inform and create awareness of the various health problems that have been associated with this breed. It must be noted that these are not "AKITA ONLY" diseases. In fact ALL breeds including mixed can and often do get these very same problems. It pays to be aware of what painfully can and sometimes does happen.

It would certainly be dishonest to say we donít have a problem in the breed; every breed has its problems. However, with careful screening of breeding stock many of these problems can be avoided and given time in some cases even eradicated. Unfortunately, with the unscrupulous breeding practices of many backyarders and (dare I say it) even some registered breeders, these problems are being compounded. Problems like autoimmune diseases; eye diseases; bone and joint diseases and other medical problems are all sadly on the increase.

Thankfully, the Akita is in harmony with nature. It was not designed with abnormally exaggerated body length, size or height or deviations from the normal facial features, which may interfere with its breathing or other vital organs. For its size it is quite a sound breed. However, The Akita did originate in Japan and it is a well known documented fact that the Japanese race of people still suffer many more diseases, autoimmune etc. than any other race or culture. Health problems and diseases from the effects of the radiation fall out from all those years ago are still very much evident today. With this in mind, it pays to be aware.