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The information on our Akita Information pages has been gathered from many sources.
Opinions expressed are ours alone and are based on our own experiences with the breed.
Credits, References and Many Thanks must be made to the following for their continuing dedication to this breed and for their contribution in helping to quench our thirst for this knowledge.

Akita World Magazine - Hoflin publications (bi-monthly magazine)

Guide to Owning an Akita - Jason Taylor - T.F.H. Publications Inc.

Akitas - Edita van der Lyn - T.F.H Publications

Akita - Treasure of Japan - Barbara Bouyet - MIP Publishing Inc.

Akitas - New Owners Guide - Barbara J Andrews - T.F.H. Publications Inc.

The World of the Akita - Barbara J Andrews - T.F.H. Publications, Inc.

The New Dog Owner's Manual - Karen Hedberg BVSc - The Watermark Press

Dog Owner's HOME Veterinary Handbook - Delbert G. Carlson, DVM & James M. Giffin MD - Howell Book House Dr. David E. Clarke BVSc FAVD MACVSc MRCVS and Dr Elizabeth-Jo Vickridge BVMs MACVSc (Vet Dentistry)